MAD Fm Worldwide Show Details

Saturday Morning Housework

Funky,smooth house music beats. Spinning the finest house music from around the world, live and direct to you every week from New Zealand! DBC and DJ Shih Tzu, bringing funky, smooth beats to the airwaves and interweb. Check it out, Woof! Every Saturday from 0900 NZT.

Shake Rattle n Roll

A great selection of music from the 1950s that defined the rock n roll generation. The 1950s saw a sudden change in popular music culture and saw the rise of the electric guitar and vocal driven rock and roll, pop, blues and country music. We pay tribute to this defining musical era with this show. Every Wednesday and Friday from 1800 NZT.

MAD Pure House Radio

Every Saturday, house takes over. From 0700 until 1900 NZT we bring you a selection of house music from around the world. Featuring our resident DJs, plus regular and special guests. 12 hours of MAD Pure House music goodness. Saturdays from 0700 NZT.

Monday Night Nostalgia

Taking you back to the 20s, 30s and 40s every week. We bring you a selection of jazz, blues, big band and lounge music from each of these decades. We also feature an original radio drama each week. Radio dramas were the fore-runner to modern television entertainment and were essential listening at the time. Every Monday from 1800 NZT.

The Deuce Show

Featuring independent bands and artists every week. Matt Barker showcases musical talent from around the world. The show is a platform for bands and artists a means to get their music heard by a wider audience. Every Thursday from 2000 NZT.

MAD Rock Block

No station would be complete without a dedicated rock music segment. We are no exception to that! We bring you a 2 hour pure rock music show. Featuring classic rock anthems, new artists and everything in between. Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1600 NZT.

Hits of the Sixties

The title says it all. Classic music from the 1960s era! We've also tracked down some obscure and forgotten 1960s artists, so you may even hear something new! From 0930 NZT every Monday and Wednesday.

60s Garage Rock from California

Host Dick Lee takes you on a magical journey of the Californian garage rock scene of the 1960s. Dick is joined by his partner in crime, The Iceman and they spin national hits of the day along with having interviews with some of the great rock musicians out of the 60s. Dick is a founding member of 1960s rock band, The Brymers. Catch them every Sundays from 1830 NZT.

MAD Party Shuffle

Every Saturday night we switch to party mode. You will hear a very random selection of music to bounce you along through the night. Always good music, with a song to please almost everyone somewhere along the way. Every Saturday from 1900 NZT.

New Music Food Truck

Kicking off Thursday Night Indie. Aaron Zytle brings you only the tastiest tracks from around the world. Grab a plate and a cold drink, sit back and feast upon the musical buffet. Every Thursday from 1800 NZT.

That Show with JJ Kane

Part of Thursday Night Indie. JJ Kane hosts this one of a kind show, playing emerging artists, existing artists and bands from all over the world. A radio personality, PR guru and musician with over 20 years experience, she lives and breathes indie music. Every Thursday from 1900 NZT.

A Higher State

Taking you right up there, we bring you a pure trance music segment. Headlined by Alex Negniy, one of the Ukraine's top DJs. His show, Trance Air is the most popular trance radio show in the CIS and is also broadcast on over 75 stations in 20 countries. Supported by Kontroller Project, Solarstone and regular guests Mery Trance, Northern Angel, Darko B and DJ Transcave, this show is a Trance lovers dream come true! An entire morning of trance ranging from vocal right through to psytrance. Every Sunday from 0000 NZT.

Jazz on The Rocks

A selection of vintage and new jazz, as well as everything in between. Featuring established, new and unsigned artists. Jazz music is a language, sometimes intimate, often boisterous, but always layered with experience and life profoundly lived. We aim to exemplify that image with this show. Every Sunday from 1930 NZT.

Confessing the Blues

Every week join Cleve Baker for this 2 and a half hour show featuring your favorite blues tunes, past and present. Cleve truely believes confessing the blues is a conduit for the spirit and passion of blues music and for blues artists to reach the masses and relay their stories of living and loving, fighting and forgiving and the ruin and redemption of life. Join the roadhouse party and let confessing the blues radio spark the blues fire in you. Sundays from around 1600 NZT.

Night of The Living Dreads

Every week we bring you a dedicated reggae and dub segment. An evening segment, anchored by Keith Lawrence's Reggae Rock Radio show and featuring classic and new artists from around the world. Positive vibrations with a MAD twist of variety. Every Tuesday from 1800 NZT.

Funk and Blues

Ranging from the early twenties and thirties, right through to current artists. Twice a week we bring you this great show. It is a total MAD variety of blues and funk music mixed up as only we can do. Lock it in and enjoy every Wednesday and Friday from 0400 NZT.

Keith Lawrence

Part of Night of the Living Dreads. Keith Lawrence hosts The Reggae Rock Show. With over 30 years experience playing funk, soul, hip-hop, boogie reggae and anything else with soul.Catch The Reggae Rock and DUB-ORGANISER HI-FI the second Wednesday of the month with Keith Lawrence and Stu Tolhurst, playing the best of Classic and Vintage Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Roots and Dub. Tuedays from 1800 NZT.

Beth Williams Radio

Every Thursday night Beth Williams brings you her Indie Americana show. Part of Thursday Night Indie, showcasing Colorado and Texas songwriters along with other songwriters from around the world. Self described as a Hippie Bohemian Cowgirl who loves to sing and make people happy with her music! Join Beth as she showcases other Indie songwriters each week. Tune in and catch her show every Thursday from 2200 NZT.

Drumcomplexed Radio

Each week, techno legend Drumcomplex, delivers this epic techno house experience. Hoarding two and a half decades-worth of music experience under his belt, Drumcomplex has been crafting his space within the techno industry, as an artist and producer. In this weekly show, he features his own live mixes from all around the globe and familiar guests artists. Tune in and catch his show every Saturday, part of Directions in Tech, from 0400 NZT.

Direct from Muscle Shoals

Every Thursday night Stephen Foster brings you a selection of classic and new indie hits. With a selection of feel good and positive music, Stephen's show is a great way to relax. Catch it every Thursday night, part of our Thurday Night Indie lineup. From around 2300 NZT.

The Golden Years

Join Philip Medcalf as he takes a year from 1960 to the present and presents a hour long show on music just released in the selected year. You'll also hear facts and news that happened during that year, giving you a picture in time. Wednesdays from 1300 NZT.

The Mike Rogers Show

Direct from Japan to you every week. Mike Rogers brings you his world famous show with music you wont hear anywhere else. An amazing collection of Japanese, UK and USA Rock. Mike has been the top-rated indie presenter in Japan for two decades. His show brings you a whole new perspective. He plays many Japanese indie bands, as well as other great acts from around the world. Thursdays from 1600 NZT.

50 Years of Pop

Twice a week, directly from the UK and hosted by Ian Kirkpatrick, 50 years of pop features easy listening pop music from 1950 to 2000 with insights, history and trivia along the way. Tune in every Tuesday and Friday afternoon from 1400 NZT.

Forgotten Retro Radio

Direct from the USA to you every week. Forgotten Retro Radio is a look at the all the great songs you've forgotten. A perfect two hour time capsule each week. Hosted by Broadcast Veteran and Sportscaster Jim Tirey. Part of the Wednesday Windback segemnt, Wednesdays from 1400 NZT.